Bizagi Tips and Tricks

Get the physical path of uploaded documents

Bizagi code (my version)

The below code helps you trace the location of any uploaded document in Bizagi:

var uploadPath = CHelper.getParameterValue("uploadPath");
var IdEntity = CEntityManager.GetEntity("entity-name").Id;
var IdAttribute = CEntityManager.GetEntity("entity-name").Attributes["attribute-document-name"].Id;
var SurrogateKey = <entity-name.Id>;
var WholePart = (SurrogateKey - (SurrogateKey % 1000)) / 1000;
var bizagiFilePath = uploadPath + "\\" + IdEntity+"\\"+ WholePart +"\\"+ SurrogateKey +"\\"+ IdAttribute;
Bizagi Widget

Horizontal Line widget

Custom widget

Out of the box, Bizagi provides a wide list of UI form controls like buttons, date pickers, text boxes, and so on. Unfortunately, the list is not complete so in this case, if you need a more complex control you can build one of your own and extend the form’s functionality using Widgets.

In my situation, I needed to use a simple HTML code to separate two sections horizontally.

Bizagi Tips and Tricks

How to customize the Work Portal menu

Bizagi Work Portal

The Work Portal is a secure web application/portal developed by Bizagi where the business applications that have been previously designed, are presented to end-users.

By accessing the Work Portal, the business users can create new cases, work on pending activities, generate custom reports, and so on. Overall, they work with the data coming from the designed business applications.

Bizagi Tips and Tricks

Don’t use Conditional activity or Conditional event

Both elements are extensions to the BPM 2.0 standard and were introduced in Bizagi starting with version 11.0

What is a Conditional activity

As Bizagi defines it, Conditional activities are enabled or disabled during the course of a case instance depending upon a business condition. They represent a user task that when enabled is allocated to an end-user.

Bizagi Tips and Tricks

Bizagi SQL queries

Why do we need SQL queries

The answer is quite simple. As a Bizagi BPM Consultant/Developer you must have a way to better understand how things are managed at a database level. This can be achieved by running some custom SQL queries.

I mainly use these scripts to instantly get access to some information that otherwise is quite impossible to get from Bizagi. Also, it provides an amazing way to debug your process, check for performances issues, bottlenecks in your workflows, etc.