IBM BPM 8.x Reference Materials

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If everything else fails, read the instructions

As an educated programmer you have a feel for patterns. You own an almost accurate intuition, based on a crude hope for consistency.

This means, that sometimes, you get things to work without much fuss… guessing your direction. For example, if you’re working with a dijit/form/SimpleTextarea and switch it to dijit/form/TextBox, you do expect that if the first provided a .set(‘value’,”) then so would the second one.

Yet other times, when luck runs out, you’re forced on the muddy track of enterprise knowledge. That’s when the instructions can prove an invaluable source of bliss. For when you get stuck with BPM, this is my recommended list of information.

The IBM BPM Resources List

  1. IBM BPM 8.5 Help Manual (or IBM BPM 8.5.5) This rather surprised me, I really did not expect the manual to be one of the best resources .. yet I always found it to be a fantastic starting point. Re-viewing the available API always gives a great context in which to look for solutions.
  2. Neil Kolban’s Book There is only one word to describe this. Legen..wait for it..dary . With 1500 pages of BPM awesomeness, it’s bound to have at least one reference to what you’re stuck on. Kept up-to-date almost monthly by the man himself. As a bonus it comes packed with a Dojo and Worklight Book and really well made collection of BPM tutorial videos.
  3. Wiki of BPM Community  A great place to search for information, the only downside being content is pretty mixed up between versions. You should definitely check out the Design Patterns Articles
  4. IBM’s BPM Community This is the active community forum, and you should follow it to stay on top of the news and industry advancements, and you will also find relevant solutions and discussions.
  5. IBM Websphere Redbooks The RedBooks are more of a research material. If you want to go deeper on a subject, these can be of great help. I’d recommend Leveraging the IBM BPM Coach Framework in Your Organization It displays a lot of good examples on configuration and custom building of User Interface elements. If you are in a BPM Developer Role, you must give it a read.
  6.  Google .. always a friend, especially when you’re facing weird errors.
  7. IBM DeveloperWorks  A better organized list of articles and suggestions with thorough explanations, unfortunately only covers few parts of the BPM platform.

If you feel I missed some very important options or maybe some honorable mentions, please don’t hesitate to add them in the comments section below.