Possible relationships between entities

As we all seen in a previous post Bizagi can provides 4 types of Relationships between entities that can help you create complex data models. Before creating a new relationship please have in mind that not all entities support all relationships. There are some exceptions and let’s find out which one are those. Related Attribute […]

Relationships types between entities

Bizagi provides 4 types of Relationships that can help you connect your entities and create the data model: 1. Related Attribute Relationship This is one of the most used relationship between the instances of 2 entities. The particular thing about this one is the order in which is created. In Model Data you will see […]

Bizagi SQL queries

Bizagi SQL queries post is recommended to every BPM Consultant or Developer. These queries can be used as a debugging method or as a way to understand better how things are managed at a database level. Every time I work with a new BPM tool I always try to figure out where does it stores […]

Customize Case Number using Sequence

By default, each new case created in Bizagi get’s an internal Case Number. In some circumstances you would like to customize this defalut value. For example let’s imagine that we have 2 processes (Expense Claim and Payment) and for each of them we want to generate a specific Case Number. We are going to use […]