Javascript for the BPM Developer: Beginnings

Bad Ass Beginnings

The Browser The early 90’s .. the web was nice and static. No interactivity. The browsers, Netscape Navigator and Microsoft IE, were C++ applications created to connect to http servers to render and display .html pages. Netscape was first to bring some interactivity by adding Livescript which,  due to the marketing department, got renamed to JavaScript (the only […]

IBM BPM 8.x Reference Materials

If everything else fails, read the instructions As an educated programmer you have a feel for patterns. You own an almost accurate intuition, based on a crude hope for consistency. This means, that sometimes, you get things to work without much fuss… guessing your direction. For example, if you’re working with a dijit/form/SimpleTextarea and switch it to dijit/form/TextBox, you […]